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A blog for pictures of moments that make me smile

Dad’s Super 8, Final Copy from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Project for MART 341 using found footage from my dad’s super 8 camera.

- Created soundtrack using Reaper then exported to Final Cut Pro and added the video
- Recorded several tracks of dialogue and ambience
- Sampled and manipulated Photosphere by Charles Atlas
- Added low tones under the music (computer generated)
- Keyed down and added more ambient noise in the background



Canada with the family. 

Game Time from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Short video for MART 371. Had to include a flashlight, action, a defending champion, and “I can’t dance!”

Chased By a Running Chupacabra - Son of a Bit (Micro Invasion)
Kirblooey - Windom Earle (

Richard Voltz and his Camera from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Interview assignment for MART 371.

Not Found (Invisible) - Jiony

Snow Land, another MART 371 assignment made from footage I took in Canada of my sister. 

Another MART 371 assignment/ a very silly video.