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A blog for pictures of moments that make me smile
Freaking artifacts ruining everything. 

Freaking artifacts ruining everything. 

Dad’s Super 8, Final Copy from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Project for MART 341 using found footage from my dad’s super 8 camera.

- Created soundtrack using Reaper then exported to Final Cut Pro and added the video
- Recorded several tracks of dialogue and ambience
- Sampled and manipulated Photosphere by Charles Atlas
- Added low tones under the music (computer generated)
- Keyed down and added more ambient noise in the background



Canada with the family. 

Game Time from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Short video for MART 371. Had to include a flashlight, action, a defending champion, and “I can’t dance!”

Chased By a Running Chupacabra - Son of a Bit (Micro Invasion)
Kirblooey - Windom Earle (

Richard Voltz and his Camera from Faith Cox on Vimeo.

Interview assignment for MART 371.

Not Found (Invisible) - Jiony

Snow Land, another MART 371 assignment made from footage I took in Canada of my sister. 

Another MART 371 assignment/ a very silly video.